About Us


Nisha Puri 



After years of working as an engineer and technology consultant, Nisha found her true calling after having her daughters, Zoey, Ellie, and Nova. Inspired by the challenges of childcare and preschool enrollment in San Francisco, Nisha wanted to make a difference for her family and fellow parents in her community. Early childhood development through music, language, and outdoor adventure has been a passion and an interest for years. Starting Pac Heights Kidz (PHK) is a realization of that vision!



Assistant Director & Licensee  


Jazmine has worked with children from Preschool through 12th grade for the last 8 years. Jazmine brings her calm spirit and loving playfulness into all of her activities daily. As a native Spanish speaker, Jazmine exposes our little ones to language and culture in a natural, fun setting. Academically, Jazmine expresses her personal creativity through journalism and photography. Jazmine prepares her Green and Red Bear preschool students for kindergarten with weekly engaging classes in the areas of literacy such as tracing/writing letters, phonics, number sense/pre-math, sight words, & more based on each child’s interest and readiness in her version of Pac Heights Kidz University (PHK U!).


Manager & Licensee

Marinelle is a Bay area native and has worked with children from the ages of 2 months to 11 years old for over 6 years (and has taken care of younger family members since she can remember)! Marinelle focuses on encouraging children to be playful, silly, and express themselves, and most importantly have fun! With a background in Journalism, when Marinelle isn't trying to make our kids laugh, you will find her trying to discover the next big story idea to write about in her blog.


Head Teacher & Theater Musicals


Jasmine has taken care of her family and extended family's children for as long as she can remember. Over the last year, Jasmine has formalized her love for nurturing children by transitioning to childcare and pursuing an education in Early Childhood Development. Jasmine brings her background in theater and dance to her students in a creative and vibrant weekly Theater Class!


Manager & Head Teacher


Originally from the northern part of Thailand in Chiang Mai, Orrapan came to the U.S. to study English and pursue a degree in Early Childhood Development. Orrapan is falling in love with America, especially San Francisco! Orrapan loves travel, to explore the world, and  engage in new experiences with music, art, cooking, and meditation. She brings these experiences into her teachings with children. Orrapan delights children with exposure to cooking and nutrition with her creative weekly Cooking Class for her preschool students! 



Head Teacher & Tumbling Coach


Christian is pursuing his Child Adolescent Development major to formalize his love for coaching and working with children. With an extensive background in wrestling, Christian has 6 years of coaching experience for ages 3 - 12. Coach Christian brings an enthusiasm for sports, climbing, adventure, and tumbling to our students each week! 



Baby Bear (Daycare) Teacher & Visual Arts Creator


Teacher Bri loves graphic design, art, and yoga. She has worked with grade school children in the area of creative arts prior to joining PHK as a preschool and daycare teacher. Brianna uses her versatility to hike with preschoolers, create art visuals and props for project based learning for all of her students, and develops a nurturing and fun environment for daycare students taking their first steps into the school environment. 


Baby Bear (Daycare) Teacher


Teacher Hong comes to the early childhood development world with an eagerness to learn and love. Hong loves to engage with both preschool and daycare students but has taken an interest in specializing in Baby Bear, daycare students, helping them bridge the connection between home and school. Using patience, cuddles, and imaginative play, Teacher Hong draws out each child's personality to provide a safe and loving environment for daycare students to discover and explore, establish friendships, and build their social and emotional skills.  


Support Teacher


Teacher Jayla is studying to become a teacher and brings her joyful personality and giggles to all of her interactions with students. Jayla has a background in dance and translates her skills to the classroom engaging children in dance using simple 1 to 3 step sequences when leading activities!  


Support Teacher


Teacher London supports our preschool and daycare students with their everyday caregiving needs during mealtime, potty training, story time, and ensuring our school is organized, clean, safe, and a place full of love. London looks forward to going off-site with preschoolers every week to play their favorite game of chase at the park!


Spanish Teacher


Teacher Aileen has been with PHK since it first opened its doors! She is a classroom favorite with her warm hugs, fun Spanish classes, and fun student hairdos! Teacher Aileen supports the students both on-site and off-site during our bus field trips to museums and the zoo!